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Respected Founders

The Founders

Founder @ Tameer i Wattan Public School and College Abbottabad

Malik Muhammad Saeed

Founder  @ Tameer i Wattan Public School and College Abbottabad

Madam Halima Saeed

A tiny sapling of education and learning planted by us a few years back now is a huge source of learning, grooming polishing talent, preparing the future of the nation , as a pretty bunch of knowledge light houses in the form of boys college, girls college, different school sections all trusted by the people of the area and treading on the highway of progress.The highes board results position grabbed by our boys, girls are a testimoney of hard work by th administration and the faculty.
Well done, keep it up!

His Excellency

Mr.Malik Muhammad Saeed

Executive Member BOG
Her Excellency

Madam Halima Saeed

Executive Member BOG

Executive Director

Mr.Malik Mohsin Saeed

Executive Director :: top schools in abbottabad As Executive Director/ Chairman BOG, I eulogies and commend your decision to join Tameer-i-Wattan. It is the Prime institution of the area with believes in excellence in academics, grooming, character building, physical fitness, healthy environment and carrying a changed personality second none.
You will surely enjoy cordial, congenial, friendly and home like environment of the institution. The adopt and compassionable faculty always ready to help the students day and night. It is not merely a hollow claims but it well proven reality proved by the performance of our young Tameerians in all the academic, co-curricular and extracurricular fields. .

Mr.Malik Mohsin Saeed
Executive Director & Chairman BOG

Administrator Cum Principal

Mr.Malik Ahsin Saeed

abbottabad coaching academy Tameer-i-Wattan since it came into being in 2007 treading on the way of rapid growth in leaps and bounds. I feel proud to be the Principal of such a prestigious, exalted and sublime college which produces future doctors, engineers, professors, Army, Navy, Air Force Officers and CSPs and along with the same it is a source of grooming of the students an academic, character building, confidence, dedications an appetite of zeal and zest for study.
People adore the college for its policy to provide quality education according to the financial health of the parents, and many of them free of cost on huge scholarships. We do not believe in commercialism and but instead believe in grooming the future leader of the nation as per the future demands. I am sure that your entry in the college would be entry into unending opportunities of success, glory, sincerity, soaring trends to cherished goals of life.

Mr.Malik Ahsin Saeed
Administrator cum Principal & Deputy Chairman BOG

What we do?

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    History & Background

    The eulogized spirit of nation building one great founders pledged to establish Tameer-i-Wattan Public Schools & Colleges, Abbottabad. the dedication the sincerity of words and deeds. the unique academic acumen of both are great educationist Malik Muhammad Saeed and Madam Halima Saeed gave spur to the rapid growth of Tameer-i-Wattan as an immense organisation with many sub-Institution making Tameer-i-Wattan Schools and Colleges. they groomed HA Malik Mohsin Saeed and Malik Ahsin Saeed on same spirit of "Tameer" who burning the mid night oils, endeavoring tirelessly astonish the people, soaring higher and higher limitless and get to do miracles academics and grooming future leaders of the nation.

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    Tameer-i-Wattan an immense academic entity is being managed by BOG, holding regular meetings to discuss the progress of the institutions and to guide the first line administration, the principal and other high slotted officers.

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    Aims & Objectives

    The aim of TAMEER-I-WATTAN is to provides quality education at affordable expenses. Its standards are designed to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the nation. The objective is to develop leaders and visionaries who would lead the nation to prosperity, progress and development.

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